the cliffs





THE CLIFFS: The Cliffs are just South of Newbiggin harbour and can be accessed from Sandy Bay caravan site or the car park next to the Quarry. There are number of different shots here from the Quarry Hole and Bull Rock at the North end, through the Coffin Rocks half way down and , to the Stinking Hole at the South end. The best time to fish these marks is during or preferably just after a decent Northerly.Bull Rock is a very popular mark and is right beside the old quarry. Casting 70 -100 yards will put you into fish, but just follow the tide down. Like most points along here the tide doesn't recede too far, so you're into fairly deep water as soon as you start. Only on the biggest tides does this area empty out.

The Coffin Rocks are about half way down, just past where the cliffs rise to their highest point. A lot of matches have been won from here and there are numerous places to fish. Best baits along this stretch tend to be crab or crab and worm cocktails, although a lot of anglers successfully fish two hooks here using different baits on each. Long casting is not essential but you need to clear the front ledge by about 50 or 60 yards to get into fish.

The Stinking Hole, (so called because of the weed that gets trapped and rots in there) is at the Southermost end of the Cliffs. This is mixed to rough ground and has been known to produce some quality fish. Tactics and baits are as the rest of the cliffs area but you might want to experiment with casting distances if your normal distance is failing to produce any bites. Like lots of areas in the North East you are just as likely to cast over the fish, so if you're not catching don't be afraid to drop the odd one short.


The Cliffs