2021 AGM

Main points:


· CHAIRMAN –Billy Foster
· SECRETARY – Andy Pringle
· TREASURER – Rob Thirlwell
· COVER WEIGH-MASTER – Billy Foster/Andy Pringle
· PRESS OFFICER – Ross Lansbury

ELECTION OF OPEN COMMITTEE X 5 – J Henderson, W Foster, A Sanderson, G Young, A Pringle.


Fees- £5 per comp now for Seniors, OAP’s/JNR’s are kept the same

Presentation pay-out will be half of the normal year as only a handful of matches were fished.

Cup winners paid out 1st only, no runner up payment.

July meeting will pick fixtures.


As Dave Swift will be relinquishing his website responsibilities after 16 years, and there is currently no-one available to take over it has been decided that the club will use its Facebook page to keep members aware of league fixtures, results and current developments. Our Facebook page is comprehensive, well run and should provide the club with everything it needs to keep existing members up to date and encourage new members to join.

Dave will provide a copy of the website pages so these can be used to help provided a comprehensive background to the Newbiggin club, by demonstrating the quality of the fish and fishing available within our boundaries.

Thanks to Rob for the record of the meeting.

Good Luck.




Club Secretary

Most members will know by now that Jamie has decided to hand in his resignation as club secretary with immediate effect. First of all we would like to thank Jamie for the excellent work he did in that position during a very difficult time because of Covid. Well done and thanks again Jamie.

It follows that we will be looking for a volunteer to take up the responsibilities of Club Secretary and I have been asked to get the ball rolling. Would anyone interested in taking over from Jamie please make their interest known to one of the Commitee members please.


On a similar front, this is my 16th year running the website and I have decided to call it a day. So we are looking for a volunteer to replace me and manage the website from 2021/22. This of course will depend on what the Committee want to do regarding communication with club members in future. Technology has moved on quite a bit over the last 16 years and there could well be better, or cheaper ways of keeping our membership informed of fixtures, results and current issues. Whether we need a website at all next year is something that will need to be decided quickly.

Anyone interested should speak to a member of the committee.

Many thanks everyone for your interest and continued support.

Dave S




The Government have replied to the Angling Trust's enquiries about fishing under lockdown and have confirmed a change to their earlier advice. The relaxation in the guidance published by the Angling Trust yesterday shows that anglers can now fish individually as long as they strictly follow coronavirus guidelines. Competition fishing however is still prohibited. Angling Trust advice has been reproduced below. Those wanting more should go to the Angling Trust website.




"The Government have now formally responded to the representations made by the Angling Trust. We have promoted the huge benefits of fishing on individual health and wellbeing and have been able to present a case to which the Government have listened. On this basis I am pleased to announce that fishing will be permitted during the third national lockdown. The DCMS Sports Team confirmed the following;

“fishing is allowed as exercise so long as participants adhere to the rules on staying local, gathering limits, social distancing and limiting the time spent outdoors”.
This has also been confirmed by DEFRA;

“Cabinet Office have now officially confirmed that angling / fishing (incl. sea fishing off private boats, water sports) can be considered exercise and are hence permitted.”

And by Sport England.

We have worked extremely hard to reach this position and we as anglers have a duty to abide by the strict conditions under which fishing is once again permitted. With infection rates and death tolls rising we must stick to the Government’s rules and ensure that angling remains part of the solution and does not cause problems.Please bear in mind these key points which will be reflected in the new Angling Trust guidelines which we will publish shortly:

- This is a strictly limited resumption of LOCAL fishing and very different to how we have been allowed to operate since May
- We are in a National Lockdown and this must be respected. The law requires a ‘reasonable excuse’ to leave your home or penalties will apply.
- The government has recognised that fishing can be seen as exercise, which is expressly permitted under the lockdown rules, although outdoor recreation is not.
- Organised sporting gatherings are prohibited so no match fishing.
- The exercise is limited to once a day so no overnight fishing whatsoever.
- To remain within the law you should follow the government’s guidance, and only fish locally. If you have no local fishing available then you will have to take your daily exercise in other ways.

We are once again able to enjoy the sport we love at a time when many others can not and we must ensure that every angler adheres to the rules.
I would ask all anglers who are not members to join the Angling Trust and give us your support. We have worked tirelessly to achieve this outcome and that is only possible thanks to the support of our new and existing members. I would ask all anglers who value their ability to go fishing to make the same commitment as your fellow anglers have and join the Angling Trust. We are stronger together!
Membership - Angling Trust
Stay safe and very best fishes

The Angling Trust


This is good news as it allows anglers to fish socially as long as they follow the government's guidelines outlined above to the letter.



The club has just received new guidance from the Angling Trust which supercedes that provided so far. The current lockdown with effect from midnight 5 Jan 2021 has introduced a change to the rules on recreational and competition fishing. Essentially we can no longer do either.

The guidelines from the Angling Trust have been reproduced below:


Statement from the Angling Trust on the national lockdown rules

Whilst the regulations have not yet been published we have been informed this evening by the Cabinet Office that the Government have taken the decision that fishing in England will not be permitted during this national lockdown period. Whilst this is disappointing news I would ask anglers, fisheries and clubs to respect these rules and the reason they have been put in place; to help save lives and support the NHS.
Individuals should not go fishing from midnight tonight (5th January) and clubs and fisheries should close their waters to anglers. We will be publishing more detailed guidance on specific areas like bailiffing and fishery maintenance once the Government regulations have been published. Please check the Angling Trust website over coming days.

Over the past few weeks we have been in communication with the Government at the highest possible level. We have presented a strong case on how fishing could continue safely during the third national lockdown. We have explained that fishing benefits physical health and mental wellbeing and that it is regularly the only form of activity individuals undertake. You can read our representations to Cabinet Ministers here.

My team and I have consistently presented the arguments ahead of the changing Government guidelines, which have allowed fishing to remain permitted continuously since the first national lockdown was lifted in May. We have been successful when other sports have not as all anglers will know.
However, with 60,000 new infections announced today, the Government have taken the decision that leaving home for recreation or leisure, including all forms of recreational fishing, should be prohibited in England during this third national lockdown period.

I thank you for your support and for being a credit to our sport. As members, you can rest assured that the Angling Trust will continue to represent our sport at the highest level and will present proposals for the resumption of angling when it is safe and sensible to do so. We will come through this period of national crisis. We will fish again, but until then, please, stay safe.

Jamie Cook
CEO, Angling Trust


This is disappointing but not surprising given the growth of the coronavirus pandemic and we MUST follow government guidelines. So there will be no fshing until further notice.



As mentioned on the Headlines sections:-

Club members should note that due to the placing of North East regions into tier 4 with effect from Friday 31 Dec we are required to suspend our 20/21 club competitions until further notice. This will not change until the Covid situation and the government's advice changes significantly for the better. If/when this happens we shall let you know.


Stay Safe.



The Coronavirus advice provided by the Agling Trust on their website has now been reviewed and it has been decided that club matches can resume on Sunday 6 December. But this requires Government regulations and Angling Trust advice to be followed to the letter.

The club followed the Angling Trust's guidelines prior to the lockdown and will follow it again for the rest of the season.

A suitable Risk Assessment has been prepared and procedures that protect, as far as possible, against transmission of the disease have been introduced.

So we would ask all club members to follow the guidelines.

The committee will shortly decide whether the current fixture list needs to be modified to catch up on some of the lost fixtures. When this is done I will announce the changes here and will update the fixture list. 2021 fixtures have yet to be decided, but when they are you will be the first to know.

It has been difficult to coordinate everything in these stressful times, so please bear with us and we will get the information to you as soon as possible and hopefully rescue the rest of the season.

Can we thank all club members for your good humour and your efforts in complying with the - ever changing - Coronavirus regulations and procedures. This has been essential to us keeping going.

Stay Safe

Dave S


The Angling Trust have published their latest guidance regarding the Covid outbreak following the agreement in Parliament on Wednesday 2 Dec of the necessary legislation. The signs are very promising regarding the resumption of our 2020/21 season but the committee has yet to receive notification from the Angling Trust. Hopefully this will happen soon.

You can however, find copies of the guidance on the Angling Trust's website so anyone interested in taking this further will find copies of their advice there.


The Angling Trust has issued revised guidance to cover the Government's decision to replace the lockdown with a 3 tiered restriction approach across the country. The Government's restrictions will vary depending on the assessment of vulnerability within particular areas and will include:




Northumberland falls into the third of these.

The Angling Trust has published its guidance on its website as "Update November 26 - The Government's Winter Covid Plan: What it means for angling.

We would suggest that club members who are interested in this go to the Angling Trust's website where they will find the detail and the background.

It is certainly possible that match fishing will be permissable very soon - but it will be under very strict restrictions.

So the signs are positive but we need to let the Parliamentary process run its course, and we need to see whether the Angling Trusts new advice will allow clubs in tier 3 to fish.



Everyone will be aware that the Government has introduced a Covid lockdown across the country from 6 Nov - 2 Dec.

It has been decided that competition fixtures between these two dates will be cancelled, and if possible, caught up in the last few months of the season.

Further information will follow once revised competition dates have been decided.



An extract from the Angling Trust's 5 Nov update has been copied below. Tech problems meant this has had to be photographed to include it on the site so excuse the poor quality - but the words are the same. We suggest that those interested in the details and thinking behind this notice should go to the Angling Trust's excellent website and view the extract there.









The Chairman of the club has seen new guidelines for continuing with our club competitions in these difficult times. Rather than duplicate what he said, I have reproduced Rob's note and his Risk Assessment below. Rob has put a lot of effort into this and deserves great credit. We have made this information available to club members and woulsd ask that everyone familiarises themselves with the risks and mitigating factors.

His words are as follows:

"As you may know new regulations have appeared about sporting events over the last few days and the Gov has stated this.

Following the Government’s latest Covid-19 guidance relating to sport and recreation, organisers of angling competitions are now legally required to carry out a Risk Assessment to mitigate the risk of spreading the virus.

I have created a one for the club which will need displayed at the Hut. We can also add it to all Social media."







Further advice has been received from the Angling Trust to confirm that fishing, including competitions - under carefully controlled conditions can continue. Again it is essential that the government's advice regarding social distancing and other behavioural practices are rigidly followed.

The Angling Trust has set out guidelines to be used as 'Best Practice for the safe resumption of sea angling competitions in England under COVID 19 restrictions'. Rather than repeat the advice here we suggest you access the Angling Trust website and focus on the areas that interest you most. The website is comprehensive and provides for excellent coverage of the issues.

Two papers you might find particularly useful within the site are:

  1. Advice for Individual Anglers - Revised 29/05/2020
  2. Best Practice Guidelines for Sea Competitions under COVID-19

The club's committee are aware of this new guidance and are keeping up to date with developments. The key issue in all of this is that competitions will be permitted where they can comply with government guidance on social distancing. Decisions on how this can be done in practice will be determined by the committee in due course.




The Prime Minister's announcement yesterday, (Sun 10 May) that there will be relaxations in the conditions for participating in outdoor sports has prompted the Angling Trust to issue the following advice:


"The Prime Minister announced the resumption of 'unlimited outdoor sports' from Wednesday providing they are conducted alone or with members of the same household and that social distancing rules are followed at all times. A government source confirmed that "outdoor exercise includes angling, golf, water sports and tennis providing social distanced from Wednesday."


This advice was supported by the following table which helps explain how this will work in practice.



We suggest you visit the Angling Trust's site and/or the Government's websites to establish the current guidance before heading off to fish or consider collecting bait. It is very important that club members stay within the rules and regulations set by government. As we all know these are very likely to change over the next few months as the situation with Coronavirus develops, hopefully for the better.

It is up to individual anglers to remain aware of the current conditions and follow these, but this is an excellent step in the right direction.


Stay Safe.


The Committee



It is with great sadness we have to report the passing of Fred Lothian, a long standing member and former Secretary of the club. He was a popular member of the club who worked hard to support the interests of Newbiggin SAC. He will be missed. Our condolences go to his family and friends.

Fred was well known and respected in the angling community resulting in some heartfelt messages to the club's Facebook page.



The club's committee feel they have a duty of care to club members and have given some thought to the impacts of the Coronavirus on sea angling and the activities of the club. Accordingly we would highlight the following advice recently given to the angling world. It should be borne in mind however that government advice may change at short notice given the huge impact of the virus on our daily lives. We would recommend therefore, that club members remain aware of the government's advice and follow it. There is no room for compromise.


Club members will be aware of the restrictions currently in place due to the Coronavirus pandemic. This has affected everybody. We feel it is important to stress that anglers should closely follow government guidelines and advice. The Angling Trust has issued guidance which suggests that: “we must do what is required of us by the government and work together to fight this pandemic. Therefore until further notice we should refrain from fishing."


This is the advice we should follow. The committee will consider the situation and its impacts on the 2020/2021 season later this year, but we need to bear in mind that such 'gatherings' might not be allowed and meetings, including the AGM might need to be cancelled or rescheduled. As with most things right now nothing is certain. We will keep in view.

Stay Safe.





A special meeting has been called for the first Tuesday in March to discuss the issues surrounding the timing of the club's presentation and Open competition.

It was decided at the AGM last year to have the club's presentation before the Open competition. Currently it would have to be one or the other as the club does not have the funds to run both in the same year. As funds are not available to have two presentation pay outs and two open competitions in the same 12 month period a way ahead will need to be agreed.

Please attend if you can.

Rob Thirlwell


Be Lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The UK angling public is finally able to keep sea bass caught recreationally from October 1st until the end of 2018.

One bass per day will be able to be legally retained by anglers and other recreational fishers after a proposal was made by the European Commission which was adopted by the EU Council on September 27th and came into force on October 1st.

The Angling Trust has been campaigning heavily for a bag limit for recreational catches to be reinstated after a ban was introduced in January this year following flawed scientific advice which dramatically overestimated the impact recreational catches were having on the stock.

The EU Council agreed at the time of the ban that the scientific evidence needed reviewing after which the ban on recreational landings might be lifted.

Angling representatives attended an ICES benchmarking session in February where the scientific evidence from around Europe was reviewed. However, it took until June for the new evidence to be published and recreational anglers have been waiting since then for a bag limit to be re-established after the impact of recreational fishing in 2016 was reduced by 87 per cent from 1,600 tonnes to approximately 200 tonnes.

David Mitchell, Angling Trust Head of Marine, said: “Members of the public fishing for sea bass sustainably for their own consumption have suffered a terrible injustice in 2018 due to a massive overestimate in the impact they were having on the stock. We are very pleased that the right of those members of the public who wish to catch and eat a publicly-owned sea bass has been re-established for the remainder of the year. However, banning the public from catching sea fish for personal consumption in the first instance, particularly while allowing commercial fishing to continue, displays contempt for the rights of EU citizens and highlights the chronic failures of the Common Fisheries Policy. It cannot happen again”

Welcome to your September Sea Newsletter

On Tuesday, 11 September 2018, 11:45, Angling Trust <> wrote:

Trust responds to Fisheries Bill Consultation

The Angling Trust has responded to the government’s consultation on the ‘White Paper’ which set out proposals for a new UK fisheries bill once the UK leaves the EU. The White Paper set out some interesting proposals to include recreational fishing.

Have your say by downloading our response and using it to send your own submission by 23:45 on Wednesday 12th!

Bass Back On The Table?

Anglers may be taking a bass home for dinner this autumn as the EU Council of Ministers is currently considering a proposal which would see a one-bass-per-day bag limit for recreational catches introduced for the remainder of 2018.

We’re trying to work out how many anglers are influenced by their health levels or disability, how this can affect their fishing and what can be done to provide support. To do this we need you to take part in a quick survey. It doesn't matter what your level of health or ability is - we want to hear from all our members and subscribers. It only takes about 3 minutes and we'll use the answers to create better angling opportunities for you and other people*. At the end you can choose to enter our prize draw for the chance to win a £200 Amazon Gift Card - it's completely free to enter.
*We are committed to improving opportunities for people to learn about and go fishing whatever their physical and mental health and well-being.

Great British Beach Clean

Join thousands of people from September 14th-17th for the 25th annual Great British Beach Clean. To register and find events near you click here. Don’t forget to encourage people to Take 5 at the same time!



All members to note that an extract from the Govt's Marine Management Organisation Website states that:

Recreational bass fishing

For recreational fishers, any bass caught during 2018 must be returned immediately. This applies if you are fishing from a boat or from the shore.

So, unless there are any changes to these regulations for the foreseeable future no bass can be brought to the scales, or taken home. Angling organisations are unhappy about this, where an extract from the June Sea Newsletter highlights some of the action that is being considered or taken. Some of this is reproduced below.

Battle for bass bag limit gains momentum

Support our call for the reintroduction of a bag limit for bass for the remainder of 2018. In advance of the publication of the review into the 2018 ICES advice we are stepping up our call for anglers to be able to keep bass from July this year onwards. We anticipate the review will show recreational angling has a much smaller impact on the bass stock than the scientists suggested in 2017. Join the campaign for the reintroduction of a bag limit for bass in the remainder of 2018.

European Anglers Alliance takes EU to court over bass ban

The European Anglers Alliance, of which the Angling Trust is a member, is challenging the European Council over its decision to ban members of the public fishing recreationally from keeping any bass in 2018. EAA is arguing that the decision creates unjustified discrimination between European citizens as well as violating the principle of proportionality.

There are also noises regarding the introduction of sea angling licenses - again.

EU Commission proposes 'tightening control' on recreational fishing

The EU Commission has proposed EU countries are required to introduce registration or licensing systems in order to help provide catch data from recreational fishing as part of the review of the Common Fishery Policy's Control Regulation. The Angling Trust plans to lobby against the proposal. David Mitchell, Head of Marine, said: "We are confident that the UK government will oppose being forced to hand over more responsibility to the EU, particularly at a time when it is trying to negotiate withdrawal from the EU and developing a new UK sea fisheries bill."

It is unclear what will come of these developments so all we can do is keep an eye on things and vary the club's policy to suit any new legislation.

These are only brief extracts so anyone who wishes to know more about these issues should check the Government's MMO websites and the Angling Trust's Newsletters. These will give you the complete picture.



A brief summary of the matters discussed on 5/6/2018 is reproduced below.


MATTERS ARISING FROM MINUTES- Newbiggin Open: discussion required
ANY OTHER BUSINESS- July meeting : fixtures to be picked by members attending





Club members to note that the club has received two important pieces of correspondence regarding developments in the Sea Angling world. These have been reproduced below. I hope you find them interesting and act on their advice.



Welcome to your Sea Newsletter

Sea anglers demand fair deal in new fisheries bill

Angling Trust has called on the government to give sea angling a fair deal ahead of the publication of a white paper setting out proposals for a new UK fisheries bill. In a briefing sent to the Fisheries Minister, George Eustice, the Trust has urged the government to follow the example of other countries and recognise the potential of developing world-class recreational fishing in the UK now that the country will no longer be constrained by the EU Common Fisheries Policy. Read more

Tagging project to track tuna in Britain

The Angling Trust is supporting a two-year scientific study to confirm the return of Atlantic bluefin tuna in British waters and investigate their movements. The Thunnus UK Project is being carried out by the University of Exeter and the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas) and will use state-of-the-art tracking devices to improve knowledge of the species and help secure its future around the UK. Find out more

Have your say on single use plastic tax

Did you know there are approximately 46,000 pieces of plastic litter for every square mile of sea? Reducing single-use plastics, such as straws and coffee cups, would reduce the amount of plastic polluting the sea and the fish we eat. The Marine Conservation Society is urging the public to back a tax on single use plastics to reduce the amount businesses use. You can support the campaign and respond to the Government’s consultation HERE.

North Eastern and North Western IFCA opportunities

The Marine Management Organisation is recruiting people with an interest in and experience of recreational fishing to sit on both the North Western and North Eastern IFCAs. It’s essential each IFCA has people with experience and knowledge of recreational angling If you have a passion for the inshore area and think you have what it takes to contribute to make a difference click here for more information on how to apply.

Defra and MMO issue catch and release advice for bass anglers

In response to queries from a number of clubs about the measuring, weighing or photographing of bass before they are released, Defra and the MMO provided the Angling Trust with the following information:

"Defra and the MMO are able to clarify that for enforcement purposes they interpret the term ‘immediately’ to mean as soon as practicable to maximise the chance of survivability. During any inspection it would be the responsibility of the individual to demonstrate this and to assist enforcement officers in determining that this is the case.

"Both Defra and the MMO would encourage angling competition organisers to ensure that competition rules explicitly include provisions to promote an effective catch-and-release process which encourages competitors to adhere to safe and careful fish handling techniques, and to encourage fish being returned to the sea as soon as reasonably practicable after capture."
Silver success at the World Pairs

Congratulations to Christchurch Angling Centre’s Tom Bagnall and Toby Oldfield for winning silver for England at the inaugural FIPS-m World Pairs Shore Angling Championship in Pensicola, Spain, last month. Twenty-five pairs across nine countries competed over four days.

Get involved with World Fishing Day

We’re helping angling clubs and fisheries run their very own World Fishing Day events on Saturday June 23rd. Please encourage your organisation to join in, introduce people to fishing, raise its profile and meet new members.
Find out how we can support and promote your event.
Try coarse & game fishing this summer

Our ‘Get Fishing’ campaign to encourage more people to try coarse and game angling means there will soon be over 300 angling events happening around England. They all include use of tackle, bait and a free day licence from the Environment Agency, who fund the events. All ages are welcome so why not take a friend or family member to an event near you and discover a new type of fishing?
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Newbiggin and District Sea Angling Club - find out how to join in with World Fishing Day 2018

Dear Mr. Thirlwell,

We contacted you last week to let you know that the Angling Trust's "Get Fishing" campaign which encourages angling participation, has partnered up with World Fishing Day and is promoting any coarse, sea and game angling activity happening on Saturday June 23rd.

Join in too on World Fishing Day and we'll help expose your club to thousands of potential new members and participants. We'll be working with the World Fishing Day media team to make sure that fishing sessions you run on the day become part of their extensive live TV and social media coverage. Don't miss this brilliant opportunity to get more people involved with Newbiggin and District Sea Angling Club.

Your event might be as simple as some one-on-one coaching sessions, or it could be a big fish-in for lots of anglers. It doesn't matter - we just want more people to know what angling involves so we can encourage them to have a go too.

Simply get in touch with James or Dean (contact details below) who'll arrange a free Environment Agency fishing licence "waiver" for your World Fishing Day event so that attendees can fish without a licence that day. James and Dean have year's of experience running angling events and can easily help you plan your World Fishing Day session too.
Please contact your Angling Trust
Partnership Development Manager for help to run
an event on World Fishing Day...

North of England » James Roche | 07791 786 251

South of England » Dean Asplin | 07854 239 731



The Club Secretary has received a copy of an important Angling Trust Newsletter, which covers Game, Coarse and Sea Angling across the country. We thought club members might like to know of developments in the field of Sea Angling and the opportunity to influence policy. An extract from the Newsletter has been reproduced below, but we suggest members access the Anglers Trust's own website for the full picture. The Trust's full address is shown below.


Friday, 24h November, 2017

Make your views known on the angling issues that matter to YOU

The Angling Trust and Fish Legal are inviting members to give their views on angling by taking part in an online Membership Survey. This is your opportunity to tell us about the issues that matter to YOU. Maybe you are concerned about declining fish stocks? Predation? Poaching? Pollution? Or the lack of young people coming into our sport?

We also want to know what you think about your Angling Trust membership and benefits, and what you would like to see happen in the future. The survey only takes around 15 minutes to complete and is suitable for all anglers - coarse, sea and game.
Why not take part in our Online Membership Survey

Bass ban battle begins ... sign the petition NOW!
Sign our petition and email your MP to fight off proposals by the European Commission to ban angling for bass for the first six months of 2018 and ban keeping any bass to eat for the whole of 2018. Banning the public from fishing for bass recreationally while letting commercial hook & line fishing continue is unjust and cannot be allowed. There isn’t much time so get involved NOW and help us fight this before fisheries ministers meet in Brussels next month.

Sign the petition

About the Angling Trust

The Angling Trust is the united national representative body for all angling in England and Wales. It is united in a collaborative relationship with Fish Legal, a separate membership association that uses the law to protect fish stocks and the rights of its members throughout the UK. Joint membership packages with Fish Legal are available for individuals, clubs, fisheries, riparian owners and other categories. Please find out more.


Angling Trust Limited is a company limited by guarantee, company number 05320350
Angling Trust & Fish Legal, Eastwood House, Rainbow Street, Leominster, HR6 8DQ
Telephone: 01568 620447


Dates for the next four years Newbiggin Opens have been decided and are:

2018 - Sept 30th
2019 - Sept 15th
2020 - Oct 4th
2021 - Oct 10th

Can everybody please note their diaries.

This note has been copied to the Newbiggin Open page.


Club members are asked to take note of the most recent advice received from the club's insurers. This affects everybody in the club and has been reproduced below:

Newbiggin and District Sea Angling Club
Membership number: 76428

We are writing to all Angling Trust member clubs with important information about your club's insurance.

We have been advised by Jelf Insurance Brokers that the cover provided under the Sportscover Sports Liability Policy in as far as it applies to individual members of Angling Trust member clubs and syndicates, covers your members only when they are engaged in activities connected with the member club or syndicate. This limitation is specifically referred to in clause 15.2 on page 5 of the Sports Liability policy document.

We would respectfully ask that your club committee or syndicate leader takes action to ensure that your members are aware of this limitation to the cover. Individual anglers who wish to ensure that they have the benefit of public liability insurance for all their angling activities worldwide, whether connected with a member club or not, can join the Angling Trust as an individual member and receive this cover as an automatic benefit of membership.

We will be writing to you again soon to introduce an exciting new initiative to help us grow Angling Trust individual membership and benefit you, our member clubs, as part of that recruitment process. We also expect to be in touch with news of a great new membership benefit for individual members.

We've also been addressing the new Data Protection regulations (GDPR) coming into force in May 2018 and we'll be writing to all member clubs with advice to help you make sure you can be compliant with the new requirements.

We'll be sending these communications to all clubs through the post, so please make sure we have correct contact details for your club or syndicate and let us know promptly if any changes are required.

Kind regards and thank you for your continuing support.

Chief Executive

2017 AGM - Held on Tue 6 June 2017

21 club members braved the storm on Tuesday to attend the 2017 AGM. This was an excellent turnout given the conditions. Rob Thirlwell has produced a set of minutes and action points which have been reproduced below.



The following matters were agreed:


BOUNDARIES have been changed to Cambois pier to Amble Pier. This was proposed by John Bell and backed by two thirds of the attendees.

Gordon's proposal to limit one prize per monthly winner was voted against, so the same person can win both the H.S.F. and the heaviest bag in the same month. (This has only occurred once in the last three years.)


Fred has decided this year that he can no longer give his all in the role as secretary (with the health issues he has had over the recent years) and has decided to step down as role of secretary for the club which he has done for the last 16 years(Also the longest living member). All the members thanked Fred for his dedication and willingness in making our club one of the best sea angling clubs in the region. A really big thank you to Fred for was given.

Jamie Davison was voted in to take over the role from Fred after he nominated himself and was then voted in by all who attended. We all look forward to working with Jamie and the ideas he will bring to move the angling club forward.


The following club officials were voted in:-


Jackie Bell memorial will be fished alongside one of our daytime Sunday league comps (date to be decided) there will be free soups/food for all that take part in the Bankhouse afterwards.

Rory Bolton will run some money matches throughout the summer for anyone who is interested. These will be advertised on Facebook and our Club Website.

2017 AGM

The 2017 AGM is to be held on 6th June 2017 at 7.00pm at the Bankhouse Club. So far we have received two proposals that may require discussion and a vote. These are:

1. That only one prize is issued if the same persons wins both the heaviest bag and heaviest fish prizes in the monthly competition. The second prize would be returned to the club;

2. That club boundaries are extended to Tynemouth pier, excluding the pier and foundations.

Both issues require fundamental changes so will require the agreement of the AGM.

As well as sorting out new ideas the AGM will also introduce the 2017/18 season. The meeting which discusses and agrees the following year's fixtures is normally held in JULY so anyone wishing to inflence the programme for next year will need to make their wishes known either prior to or during the 4 July meeting

The AGM will host a raffle for those who attend, with the prize being given out after the meeting.


The presentation night was held at the Bankhouse Club on the evening of the 4 October. The event was very successful where substatial prizes were handed out to the winners of league and trophy competitions. A list of the winners has been reproduced below, alongside a few photos from the night.

Congratulations to all involved.


Costello D Thompson 9lb 0.4oz G Foster 7lb 3.6oz
Bankhouse T Taylor 10lb 14.1oz J Lindsay 9lb 13.7oz
Costello Salver D Swift 5lb 9.5oz J Lindsay 5lb 7oz
Dave Sands J Lindsay 10lb 2.3oz J Watson 6lb 10.4oz
Last Chance G Scott 2lb 2.2oz E Thompson 1lb 7.2oz
W Anderson G Humphrey 13lb 3.6oz R Thirlwell 12lb 2.6oz
Temples Jnr R Smailes 11lb 12.5oz  
Harry Mac W Foster 3lb 14.7oz L Davison 2lb 10.6oz

Dave Gibbons Cup

A Eke 8lb 12.6oz L Davison 5lb
McDermotts Cup J Lindsay 18lb 11oz Robin Bolton 15lb 6.5oz
CP Salver A Eke 7lb 12.1oz Steven Smith 3lb 14.8oz
WCF Junior Trophy-    
Steve Sports Trophy W Foster 14lb 2.9oz J Lindsay 3lb 10.6oz


As well as confortably winning both leagues Joe Lindsay had the heaviest aggregate weight with an impressive 202lb 14.3oz. Billy Foster was runner up in both leagues, and overall with 144lb 6.8oz. Well done to both.


We should also mention Ryan Smailes who won both junior leagues with 22lb 9.5oz and 30lb 11.9oz making a very creditable 53lb 5.4oz overall. Well done Ryan.


Heaviest Fish winners were Robin Bolton in the Winter League with 12lb 6.5oz and D Triplow in the mid week league with 7lb 11.6oz.








Can club members please note that the club match scheduled for the 18 September has now been cancelled. We have only recently been told that the Seaton Sluice Open is to be held on that day. The fixture list now shows these changes,


Knock Out Comp

J Watson is to run the annual knock out competition this year, to begin on Friday 14 October. It costs £5 to enter with a payout of 50%, 25%, 25% for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Normal match rules apply.



Prizes for the heaviest single fish and heaviest bag have now been agreed and are:

2016 AGM


The club fees for each competition have been increased this year. The last time there was an increase was in 2001. This was discussed and unanimously passed. This season's fees are -

Seniors £4.00
O.A.P. £3.00
JUNIOR £1.50

The subs and H.S.F. REMAIN THE SAME. There will also be a knockout cup ran by Lee Gray/ John Watson in this year's Midweek league, prizes and entrance fees T.B.C.
There was a discussion on 'Pre Pay' where you can pay money up front to fish the competitions without the need to attend the registration. It was unanimously agreed that once the money has been paid to fish whatever competition/ competitions you decide then you cannot then pick and choose different competitions to fish after the money has been paid. You pay your monies and that is that!

2016 Open

This year's open is 4th. September 2016. Times were picked with 9.30am-1.30pm being the most voted on (LW 12.09). The registration will start at 8.00am and the weigh- in ends at 2.45pm. Entry Fees has increased to -

£15 senior including H.S.F.
£5 Junior
All pools remain as previous year (£2 per team/£2 S/Pool)
The Eater crab rule will be amended also to allow the use of 'carte' / eater crab
The open committee will be G Foster, J Henderson, J Watson, L Gray & F Lothian. This will be to discuss any issues relating to the open.


Jamie Davison will take photos of comp winners/prize winners then forward them to Dave Swift for the website & tie in with Antony Eke for the Facebook account.

Open brochure - S&L who do the brochure have went bust so we will have to sort and pay for our own brochure this year. It's probably too late now to get potential sponsors involved in this years but Les and Fred mentioned local businesses may be willing to get involved.

July's meeting will be used to pick the competitions for the up and coming season. Possibly starting in August?


We have been making enquiries to establish the rules regading catching and releasing of Bass. It has been confirmed by one of the region's top angling journalists that the necessary regulations were agreed last week. The Northumberland Inshore Fisheries & Conservation Authority have confirmed the new rules by copying us into a poster intended to implement the new arrangements. This poster, copied below, sets out very clearly the restrictions placed on recreational anglers where:

Further infiormation can be found on the NIFCA website.


Following a review of the use of edible crab for recreational fishing, the IFCA (Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority) have revised their advice on the use of edible crab as bait. A meeting was held on the 8 Dec 2015 @ 7.00pm to discuss these changes.


The meeting decided by a unanimous vote (22 in favour) that edible crab can be used as bait with immediate effect.

This being subject to the IFCA rules and regulations regarding the use of edible crabs for recreational fishing referred to in the leaflet below. All club members are expected to follow these guidelines.


Reproduced below are two papers from the NIFCA website which announces the changes. There are also articles within the North East Sea Angling Forum which expand on these rules and the use of CART, should you wish to read them.

I hope you find this useful.



Reproduced below is a copy of a notification of legal crustacean sizes. Whils most of these will have no bearing on our shore angling, some might, when collecting bait or catching the occasional eating crab or lobster. Everyone should be aware of all local IFCA size limits.


All club members and those taking part in the Open should note that from 1 Sept 2015 bass will need to be 42cm or over to take home or bring to the scales. There is also a restriction on the number of fish that size that can be removed, meaning no more than 3 fish of eligible size can be kept by any angler in any 24 hour period. This is a legal requirement so is mandatory, and must be complied with - without exception.

Bass are fairly rare things in our waters but everyone will need to be aware of the new rules just in case.


The following issues were discussed and agreed at the 2015 AGM held on 2 June:

1) Rockling - it was suggested that all apecies of Rockling should be banned from club competitions. Whilst 3 and 5 bearded rocklings are the most commonly caught species on our coastline, and they have already been banned, it was pointed out that other Rockling species can also be caught, and could be presented to the weigh in. For the sake of clarity - ALL ROCKLING SPECIES ARE NOW BANNED from all club competitions.

2) Health and Safety - A suggestion was made to alter the competition timings in the Sunday League slightly so we fish 2.5 hours down and 1.5 hours up. This is to avoid the situation where anglers might be tempted to stay to the last moment on some of the more dangerous marks and attempt to wade off. The logic and safety aspects of this suggestion were agreed and the change was voted in.

3) It was agreed that the club will support the 5 man team competition on Sat 3 Oct between local clubs. The club will pay the £25 per team entry charge for anyone who is interested in forming a team.

4) The Club's meeting in July will be used to select and agree the competitions dates for the start of the 2015/16 season. Please attend if you wish to influence these decisions.

Minutes of the meeting will be issued in due course.

2015 AGM

The club's 2015 AGM is to be held at the Bankhouse on 2 June at 7.00pm. An agenda with supporting papers will be provided at the meeting.

Only one proposal has been submitted to the Chairman for presentation at the meeting. This is that the club should provide at least one 5 man team to compete against other local clubs, with the cost of entry being picked up by the club. The entry will cost £25 per team. Further details regarding the competition will be provided at the meeting.

Club competition dates will be picked at the July 2015 meeting, but the AGM is an opportunity to express your views about this or any other club matter.

I hope everybody can attend.


It is with great sadness that we have to report the passing of Joe Dent, aged 86, one of the clubs founder members. Joe's funeral was on Friday 27 February where a number of club members were present. We pass on our condolences to Joe's family and friends.

As well as helping with the formation of the club Joe was a constant member for over 60 years, serving in a number of positions including Club Secretary. He helped support and develop the club in its goal to become one of the top sea angling clubs in the North East. A goal that was eventually achieved.

My abiding memory of Joe is his willingness to help and to compete. Joe was fishing competitions well into his 80s - and he was still catching plenty of fish. This is an inspiration to us all. It was only when ill health took over that he finally had to call it a day.

Joe was well respected in the club and will be greatly missed.

Rest well Joe.

2014 Annual General Meeting

Minutes of the meeting will be provided when ready.

Key issues discussed included:

Officials - The officials who helped run the club last year have generously offered to do the same during 2014/15. The only change is that Gordon Scott has offered to help out the Sunday league.

Balance Sheet - The club's accounts were examined and agreed.

2014 Season - The meeting which will determine the dates and times for 2014 fixtures will be held on the 1st July @ 7.00pm. It would be helpful if as many club members as possible could attend this meeting so their ideas for next season's competitions can be propeerly considered. A couple of good raffle prizes will be on offer!

Newbiggin Open - The date of the 2014 Newbiggin Open was confirmed as 28th September. Times etc will be decided at the meeting on 1 July.

Flounder Size - The meeting decided to stay with the current flounder size limit of 25cms.

2013 Annual General Meeting

Formal minutes of the meeting will be produced later, but what follows is a list of the key points and decisions made by those attending the AGM.

Balance Sheet and financial reports were agreed by those attending. Rob explained that the club is in a reasonably healthy position financially due to the success of last year's Open and the good numbers of anglers who turn up at our weekly competitions. Some of this money is to be used to provide monthly heaviest fish and heaviest bag prizes during the 2013/14 season. Prizes will be determined later but are likely to be Greys equipment. This was voted on and agreed.

It was agreed that a spot prize, probably for 40th place, was well received at last year's Open and should be repeated for 2013.

Club officials were voted in as follows:

Secretary - Fred Lothian

Chairman - Billy Foster

Weighmaster (mid week) - Rob Thirlwell

Treasurer - Rob Thirlwell

Cover Weighmaster - Joe Lindsay

Press Secretary - Steven Smith

Weighmaster (Sunday League) - No-one volunteered for this position.

(The meeting carried forward the election of a Sunday League weighmaster to the July meeting, in the hope that a volunteer might come forward. Concerns were expressed that the Sunday League might fold if no-one is prepared to do the weighmaster and registration duties. If anyone is prepared to do this could I ask that they make this known to Rob or any other member of the committee. Thanks.)

The Open Committee was elected and comprised of: Anthony Eke, Billy Foster, Joe Lindsay, Steven Smith, Sam Smith with G Scott and G Foster in reserve).

Four amendments to the rules were presented to the AGM for discussion:

Reverting to 3 hooks: Members were concerned that being allowed to use only two hooks was reducing their options, and catches on the beaches. This was voted on and agreed. 3 hooks will now be allowed in all club competitions and in the Open.

High Water boundaries: Members were concerned that some of the restrictions on accessing high water marks, particularly the cliffs at Newbiggin, was affecting their catches. These restrictions were put into place following a tragic accident at this mark and because of the deteriorating condition of the cliffs themselves. The discussion concluded that anglers should be allowed to fish these places, at their own discretion - although all those present accepted that the cliffs can be extremely dangerous, and most would avoid them. The committee stressed that the greatest of care should be taken by those deciding to fish these, or any other dangerous marks within the club boundaries.

Size Limits - A proposal was made to reduce the qualifying size for bass from 41cm to the MAFF limit of 36cm. This was agreed.

Wrasse: The meeting agreed that Wrasse should not be weighed in during the Open or club competitions.

The meeting supported the suggestion that anglers should 'buddy up' where possible, and inform someone if they decide to leave the competition early. This is to provide an 'early warning system' should an angler fail to appear at the weigh in or complete the competition safely. Whilst not infallible, those at the meeting agreed that this system represents good practice and should be encouraged.

Some members were concerned that the choice of competition dates did not make the most of the best available tides. The Chairman suggested that the July meeting will be deciding the league schedules for 2013/14 and anyone who wishes to be involved in the selection process should attend this meeting.

Christmas Competition (Sunday 16 December)

This year the Christmas Competition is open to any club member who wants to fish, but you must have fished at least 5 club competitions to qualify for free entry.

Prizes will be for 1st, 2nd and 3rd for heaviest fish and heaviest bag. Greys rods and jackets are likely to be the prizes on offer.

There will also be monthly heaviest fish prizes for November and December.

Details regarding these prizes are to be firmed up at the next club meeting.

Fixtures for 2013 will be decided at the December meeting.

2012/13 Season

Two issues were brought to everyone's attention on next year's fixture lists:

Committee Meeting 3 Jan 2012

Some of the key points discussed at the meeting were:

Attendance - 15 club members attended the meeting.

Remaining 2012 Fixtures - Fixtures for the remainder of the mid week and Sunday league fixtures were discussed and agreed by those attending the meeting. Rob will provide copies of the fixture list to tackle shops and Dave Swift will update the website.

Email received - Dave Swift explained the content of an email received from an individual (B Healeas) who is writing a book on sea angling around the UK coastline. His research includes contacting angling clubs with a view to determining clubs' specimin and record fish for inclusion within his book. The meeting agreed that this information should be provided. Dave will forward the email to Rob Thirlwell who will compile and provide the data.

Club Website - Comments were made that the website league tables are not up to date. Dave explained what has been done to tackle this but agreed it is not working as intended. The meeting agreed that league tables would be provided to Dave by weighmasters as soon as possible after club competitions, preferably via email. League tables can then be updated. The meeting also agreed that competition results would be a useful addition to the website. Steven Smith agreed to provide these details for the top 3 competitors of all competitions to D Swift via email. A separate page on the website will then be prepared.

AGM Topics: The following topics were raised and will be carried forward to the Club's AGM for a fuller discussion:

Changes to the provision of prizes for the 2012 Xmas Fayre;
The method for deciding the winner of a competition in the event of a tie on weight;
Problems where Open competitions overlap with club competitions

Future Opens: The club has been advised of the following Open competitions in the 2012/13 season:

Newbiggin 30/9/2012
Whitley Bay 21/10/2012
Bedlington Station 18/11/2012

A full set of minutes will be prepared in due course.

Rule Changes and Updates

Weigh In time - All club members are reminded of the need to weigh in within 35 minutes of the end of a competition. This rule will be applied for all competitions bar the Xmas Fayre which allows for one hour.

Eels no longer eligible - Eels can no longer be returned to the scales and weighed in. Any caught accidentally should be returned safely to the water.

Subscriptions for 2010/11 - Subs will be £5.00 for adults and £2.00 for juniors and OAPs. Heaviest fish will be an extra £5.00 for seniors and£3.00 for Juniors. There will be a minimum payment of £100 for each league's heaviest fish prize.

Presentation Night - Club members should note that the presentation night will be held at the Bankhouse Club on the evening of 5 October. This will be low key as the AGM agreed although all club members are encouraged to attend.

Annual General Meeting

The Club's AGM was held on 1st June in the Bankhouse Club. A few of the points raised and agreed at the meeting were as follows:

Club Officials - Fred, Rob and Bill were re-elected as Secretary, Treasurer and Chairman. A separate sub committee has been set up to discuss emergency measures, where it is deemed appropriate. Sam, Simon and Joe will attend these meetings.

Size Limits - As a conservation measure a suggestion to increase the size limit for Wrasse to 30 cm was made, voted on and agreed. Consequently Wrasse brought to the scales in club matches or the Open during 2009/10 will need to be 30cm to qualify.

Boundaires - Suggestions were made regarding an increase to the match boundaries to include Seahouses. This was voted on and rejected. Consequently boundaries for 2009/10 Club Matches will remain as applied during 2008/09 - Cambois to Amble.

Subscriptions - It was agreed that subs for the 2009/10 should be raised to £5. Subscriptions for juniors will remain the same.

Weighing in - A suggestion was made that fish coughed up during the process of landing or killing a fish to be brought to the scales should be replaced in the fish's gullet prior to weighing in. This was agreed by the meeting.

Balance Sheet - Rob presented the balance sheet for the 2008/09 season. All present at the meeting had the opportunity to view and question the details within the financial records. No substantive points were arising. Rob was thanked for his efforts.

Summer Open - It was agreed that there should be no Summer Open for 2009.

Xmas Fayre - It was agreed that Xmas Fayre prizes should be made available for the 2009 competition. The committee will organise this nearer the time.


CIU Open - The meeting was informed that there will be no CIU Open during 2009, or very possibly thereafter. This has been caused through a drop in competitor numbers and a lack of a representative to arrange it.

DEFRA Issues - The meeting was informed that the Marine Conservation Bill is shortly to go through Parliament. This may affect commercial and recreational fishing. Further information on the impact on angling clubs, if any, will be provided once this becomes clear. Anyone requiring further information should access the DEFRA website.

Sea League Finalists - It was agreed that a contribution should be provided to members of the club that are competing in the Sea League finals. This was agreed and was set at £125.